Mar 20, 2022 | Comments, Events

International Exhibition SOR
“Let’s fly again” 25-26-27 November 2022
After two years of pandemic that forced us not to carry out the International Exhibition, in 2022 it will finally be done.
It was two years of painful decisions, all organized then at the last minute having to find themselves to decide that it could not be done. Difficult decision and in some ways even unthinkable a few years ago.
When our ornithological fathers told us all the vicissitudes made to organize the exhibition in precarious conditions even in the period of the world war we never would have thought that in modern times there were such dramatic conditions as to question the development of our hobby.
All this was accompanied by the ten-year problems relating to the future of the Reggio trade fairs that the SOR management team has always tried to tackle, continuing to fight for the near future of events today.
We never let go, but at the same time we looked around with the objective, pandemic permitting, of “Going Back to Flying”.
After 80 years of events in the Reggio area, thinking of having to move, rethinking and redesigning a new exhibition is not easy both on an organizational and emotional level.
While having the future goal of “Going home”, because we believe it is important for us and for the whole community, we cannot resign ourselves to waiting for decisions that seem trivial but are not trivial.
On Sunday 20 March at the registered office we shared with the Sor Members’ assembly that for 2022 our International Exhibition, which will not be the “Città del Tricolore International Exhibition” but only the “SOR International Exhibition” will be allocated to Modena Fiere, maintaining, infrastructure permitting, the same characteristics that breeders and enthusiasts from all over the world have known over the years.
A great organizational effort awaits us but we feel we can do it to deliver to the ornithological world an appointment that has been missing for two years.
Let’s go back to flying and let’s do it together.
The Council SOR