The activity of sport breeders, at the same time, makes it visible and enjoyable to man many species, dozens of varieties that in the natural state are unable to emerge and stabilize and help prevent the disappearance of species still present in the wild.


The Sports Breeders Movement aims to open the casket consisting of the genetic heritage contained in each bird and to develop, according to Nature, the infinite combinations it allows.


Within the section you will find all the programs of the events organized by our company

The passion for the knowledge of birds, the respect and protection of their habitat,
with the aim of spreading the systems of their correct breeding, reproducing in captivity of endangered subjects.

International Exhibition SOR
“Let’s fly again” 25-26-27 November 2022
After two years of pandemic that forced us not to carry out the International Exhibition, in 2022 it will finally be done.
It was two years of painful decisions, all organized then at the last minute having to find themselves to decide that it could not be done. Difficult decision and in some ways even unthinkable a few years ago.
When our ornithological fathers told us all the vicissitudes made to organize the exhibition in precarious conditions even in the period of the world war we never would have thought that in modern times there were such dramatic conditions as to question the development of our hobby.
All this was accompanied by the ten-year problems relating to the future of the Reggio trade fairs that the SOR management team has always tried to tackle, continuing to fight for the near future of events today.
We never let go, but at the same time we looked around with the objective, pandemic permitting, of “Going Back to Flying”.
After 80 years of events in the Reggio area, thinking of having to move, rethinking and redesigning a new exhibition is not easy both on an organizational and emotional level.
While having the future goal of “Going home”, because we believe it is important for us and for the whole community, we cannot resign ourselves to waiting for decisions that seem trivial but are not trivial.
On Sunday 20 March at the registered office we shared with the Sor Members’ assembly that for 2022 our International Exhibition, which will not be the “Città del Tricolore International Exhibition” but only the “SOR International Exhibition” will be allocated to Modena Fiere, maintaining, infrastructure permitting, the same characteristics that breeders and enthusiasts from all over the world have known over the years.
A great organizational effort awaits us but we feel we can do it to deliver to the ornithological world an appointment that has been missing for two years.
Let’s go back to flying and let’s do it together.
The Council SOR 


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nurture and protect

The Reggiana Ornithological Company, was founded in 1938, under the pressure of 28 founding members. In 1939 he organized his first exhibition introducing for the first time the ring and the scale of points for judging.

With the years the subjects in the exhibition reach the 150.000 selected of breeding exposed in the exhibition, today in continuous increase.



The last 16 months have also put a strain on our hobby and today we are still unclear
developments in the coming weeks and months. The legislative measures in force do not give one
clear perspective on what we can do, what economic and organizational conditions will be there
they will allow us to plan our events.
It is a common and widely shared opinion that “nothing will be the same again”, the pandemic has entered the
our daily life so we have to reinvent ourselves so as not to stop.
Even in our hobby, a great effort of imagination is needed to keep the flame of passion burning
ornithological, of the desire to be together because for more than a year we have lost our places of
aggregation: exhibitions, exchange exhibitions, moments of discussion on a new mutation or on a
breeding problem.
The 2021 exhibition season is about to begin, but as in 2020 the restrictions are driving the management groups
to carefully assess the organizational, economic and institutional risks. In some cases, the first are recorded
decisions not to proceed with organizing their event.

We have to rethink how to stay together, how to create new meeting places with characteristics
different from the past without however abandoning the decades-long experiences and successes achieved.
In recent months, the SOR Board of Directors has worked intensely in view of the exhibition
International and in parallel it has developed new ideas compatible with Covid restrictions.
The SOR headquarters can become an important meeting point for developing new ornithological formats
focused on specializations with sports, technical, and exchange of subjects.
An ORNITHOLOGICAL MARATHON with a defined cadence avoiding interfering with the other events that
will manage to unfold. A themed appointment with a lean, fast organization and with the
collaboration of all: Breeders, Specialization Clubs, Associations, Technical Bodies, Companies in the sector.
We think it’s worth trying so let’s start with the ORNITHOLOGICAL MARATHON

I will be equipped
premises of the SOR headquarters and the relative square with internal tables and external gazebos.
You can enter with the Green Pass which will be checked at the entrance as the temperature will be checked, yes
will proceed to register the participants, both exhibitors and visitors, all spaces will be organized
to ensure social distancing and we will strictly adhere to the quota of entrances
provided for by the current provisions.
This first stage of the Ornithological Marathon will be followed up in the following weeks with others
Specializations and collaborations. Three things are indispensable:
The desire to start again and we at SOR have a lot of it
The collaboration of the entire ornithological chain
The participation of the Breeders
The SOR provides the headquarters in via Fratelli Manfredi 57/3, the equipment and the great desire to stay
together to continue.